Colorado Wedding

Richard Playing Guitar at a Colorado Wedding

Richard Warrington is a Photographer living in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.

Richard is a passionate photographer with a wide range of experience. While completing his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Victoria, Richard worked as the photo editor and lead photographer for the campus newspaper, The Martlet. He also photographed assignments for The Torch, UVic’s Alumni magazine. After university Richard continued to develop his photography skills and made the transition to digital equipment. He has done product photography for Hyundai, Nissan and Mercedes Benz and event photography for other automotive manufacturers.

In his personal work, Richard explores landscape photography, photojournalism and abstract work. In 2005 and again in 2010 Richard attended one week workshops with National Geographic Photographer Sam Abell at the Pacific Northwest Art School. The 2010 workshop called Project Whidbey resulted in a published book featuring the photo stories by the workshop participants.

Richard is influenced by the work of photographers Tim Wallace, Chase Jarvis, and Sam Abell.


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  1. Claire
    December 12, 2011

    Hey Richard,

    Followed the link that Nicole incldued on the Xmas Card. Hope your good and the photos look fantastic. The Frog is obviously a big winner for me but your bird shots are amazing. Especially love the Crows talking to each other (would hang that on my wall – as it is equally humourous and ominous!)

    Hope you and Nicole have a fab Xmas and that you enjoyed your visit with your family over here. Make sure Nicole signs up for Yoga for the love of god and that you give yourself a treat as well.

    Happy Christmas and New Year,

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